Wassup, I'm Isen Ng

Eccentric, rockstar, software engineer. Can also take pictures.
Time you enjoy wasting is never wasted.

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Not afraid to fail, not about to give up.

I enjoy going on adventures, both literally or figuratively. Exploring cities, nature reserves, ideas and new technology. You can consult me on cybersecurity or ask me for a photoshoot.

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Cyber security


Software engineering




Client Testimonial

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“In my last five years of working with Isen, he has never failed to amaze me with his novel approach to problem solving, his constant use of new technologies and his application of great software engineering practices to everything he builds. Isen has all the strengths I personally look for in my own team members. With a quiet demeanor, Isen is a powerhouse - he has the capacity to continuously deliver with exceptional speed and quality.”

— Indradeep Biswas, Tech lead McAfee Inc.
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“The part about working with Isen that impressed me the most was his ability to independently design and implement fairly complex systems. He is a no nonsense, no hassles developer who I’ve seen on multiple occasions turn around a project that seemed to be getting into troubled waters. His ability and willingness to learn and adopt new technologies is another standout trait.”

— Arun Pullat, Mobile Architect McAfee Inc.
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“With technical expertise in web services, Isen supported product teams to analyze business needs and generated creative technical solutions to work situations. He was a key contributor from Engineering to deliver great results on a variety of strategic projects in the consumer mobile products. He was truly a rock star. He constantly looked for new or better ways to do his jobs. He stood up for his ideas and was not afraid to challenge the status quo when convinced it was no longer appropriate.”

— Stella Lam, Product Management Director McAfee Inc.

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I'm available as a consultant on MomoCentral for topics on CyberSecurity. Ask for me, if you must.

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